Custom Bag Season

Custom Bag Season is back, 'til October 31st. Please allow 2 weeks for sewing and delivery.

Welcome to our 6th Annual Custom Bag Season! We are offering 8 styles of bags just for this Season. We're bringing back our HUGE Ocean Bag with 10 pockets, our small Pail bag for all ages, and our new Tiny Shower Bag which holds CVS samples, for the minimalist. We also have our usual Whale Bag, Dolphin Bag, new Bolongo Bay Bag, and Shower Bags, all with or without zippers.
Are you new to our website? If so, here's the scoop. Summer drops off suddenly, and it is a perfect time to cut and sew all the bags myself, according to your color choices. This is a good way for us to try out new bag models, and new color combinations. There is nothing better than unveiling a one of a kind bag. I suggest choosing your bag style, and coloring up a rough sketch of what you might want, and choose your colors online. Everything looks better when sewn up, believe me. Click below on CUSTOM BAGS to see the bag styles and colors to choose from.


Regular bags, from large to small: Click on picture for bag info and colors

Whale Bag
9 large pockets
15" tall || 15" x 13" diam.
11 colors, large
For Families, beach
ZipTop Whale Bag
9 large pockets
15" tall || 15" x 13" diam.
3 colors, large
For Families, travel, beach
Dolphin Bag
7 pockets
13" tall || 15" x 12.5" diam.
6 colors, medium
For 1, 2, and teens, beach,
gym, pool
Bolongo Bay Bag
8 large and small pockets
14" tall || 16" x 9" diam.
2 colors, medium, slim
For shopping, beach, 
gym, easy travel. ZipTop.
Minnow Bag
4 pleated pockets
2 zip pockets inside
9" tall || 7 x 12" base
4 bright colors, small
Beach, Camp, Overnites,
Swim Lessons
Large Shower Bag
4 pleated pockets
10" tall || 7.5" diam.
1 color, black
Dorm, Gym, Pool, Camp
19.97 || 21.97 ZipTop


Small Shower Bag
4 pleated pockets
9" tall || 6.25" diam.
12 colors
Dorm, Gym, Pool, Camp
Our most popular bag size
Small ZipTop Shower Bag
4 pleated pockets
9" tall || 6.25" diam.
1 color, black
Dorm, Gym, Pool, Camp,
Swim Team, Travel