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What Size Bag Should I buy?

  Whale Mesh Beach Bag: Great for 3 - 6 people, a fit for any family. Holds 6 towels, with plenty of room for your beach accessories. 9 pleated pockets, including a secret zip pocket inside.
Retail: $37.97. Click to see our 10 whale bag colors and summer markdowns.
Mesh Dolphin Bag Dolphin Mesh Beach Bag: Perfect for teens, singles, or a couple at the beach. Holds 2-3 towels and accessories. 7 pleated pockets, and secret inner zip pocket. Makes a great beach, picnic, & gym bag too.
Retail: $29.97, with many overstock specials. Click to see our 7 dolphin bag colors and summer prices.
Mesh Minnow Beach Bag Minnow Mesh Beach Bag: 1 child, aged 5 and up. This has 4 pleated pockets, and the 2 inside pockets zip to hold their treasures. This will hold a towel, lunch, snack, a pail, and a couple of toys. This is smaller than it looks in the photo, kiddie size. The mesh stands 9" tall.
Retail: $22.97. Click to see our 4 minnow bag colors.
Small Mesh Shower Bag: this size is fine for most people, and our most popular dorm size. It holds 4-5 bottles in the middle, and thinner items, like toothpaste, razors, in the 3 outer pockets. Water shakes out, dries fast. 9" tall, 6" diameter, 4 pockets.
Retail: $16.97. Click to see our 12 colors and large size.