What Size Should I buy?


Whale Bag: 3 people and up. Children grow, and multiply, and may have friends along at the beach. You can always fill a bag, whether it is with food, or an extra sweatshirt.
Dolphin Bag: made for a teen, a single, or a couple. It can hold 2-3 towels, paperbacks, lotions, drinks, food in the outer pockets.
Minnow Bag: 1 child. It will hold a towel, lunch, snack, a pail, and a couple of toys.
Small Shower Bag: usually this size is fine for guys or girls. It holds 5-6 bottles in the middle part, and thinner things, like toothpaste and razors or deodorant can go in the 3 outer pockets.
Large Shower Bag: This will hold 6-7 bottles inside, and can hold a small hairdryer or very small towel. The outer pockets can each hold something about the size of a bar of soap, deodorant, for example.
This week's sale bags shown below. Look for OVERSTOCK bags in each collection (purple type above) for good savings!