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 June is National Shower Bag Month at Saltwater Canvas!
Looking for a high school grad gift? Order a dozen shower bags and save.
We now have new Zip Top Black Whale & Zip Top Shower Bags for you travelers.

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The Whale Bag™

The Dolphin Bag

The Minnow Bag

The Shower Bag™

Black Whale Bag  Purple Dolphin Bag Green and Blue Minnow Bag Large Shower and Small Shower Bag
The Whale Bag™ for families.
9 pockets, zip pocket inside.
15" tall x 15" x 13" base
Holds 6 big towels. 9 colors!
The Dolphin Bag for 1 or 2.
7 pockets, zip pocket inside.
13" tall, 12.5" x 9" base
Holds 2 big towels. 7 colors!
The Minnow Bag for tots.
4 pockets, 2 zip pockets inside. Holds 1 towel.
9" tall, 7" x 12" base
4 very bright colors!
The Shower Bag™.
4 pockets, 1 inside.
Large: 10" tall x 7.5" D
Small: 9" tall x 6.25" D
9 colors! $19.97 and $16.97