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Custom Tiny Shower Bag

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This shower bag holds CVS, hotel samples, nothing really taller than 6", except for a comb. Someone called last year, looking for a very minimal shower bag to go in her whale bag at the gym. I thought it couldn't be done, but I went to CVS, loaded up on samples, and designed the inside with 3 channels, with room for a few drop ins that you can see. The spillable samples can fit in the pockets, to keep them upright, and the rest, such as deodorants, toothpaste, can just be thrown in. This hangs up anyplace, on any size hook, but is quite thin so can't stand up by itself. I love this bag! Great for a triathalon, travel, swim, swim lesson. 
Into the shower, dry in an hour
The Tiny Shower Bag, designed in 2014
Sturdy Mesh and doubled strap for hanging
3 channeled pockets inside, with zipper on the outside
Holds 6 small sample bottles, comb and toothbrush
8" tall, 10" wide

Customize this tiny shower bag for your graduate, swimmer, camper or sports nut! Match college, team, or camp colors, or just go for a color combo you like. 

Custom Mesh colors: 

Custom 1" Strap colors: 
  1. Click main color on drop down menu (blue is main color on this model). Click add to cart.
  2. You will see a box that says "Add special instructions for your order..."
  3. Type in the front pocket color (white shown in this sample)
  4. Type in 1 strap color, ie., turquoise shown. (Strap is one layer, turned over in half)

SAMPLE ORDER: Royal Blue main color with white pocket and turquoise strap

The Custom Tiny Shower Bag photo won't change. We will get your order, and sew it up, using the colors you specify. 

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