Mothers Day Gift – Saltwater Canvas® LLC

Mothers Day Gift

Beach loving Moms love Whale Bags®. Whether your family has 1 child, or 4, the Whale Bag® will do the job. Holds a ton, is sunproof and washable, and lasts. 
For a smaller, very pretty summer bag, we recommend our new Limited Edition Nautical Beach Tote, a simple floppy tote the size of a plastic grocery bag, sewn in a vintage style classy fabric, with a little pocket inside.
For the crafty mom, we recommend our Cotton Canvas ditty bag, also a limited edition this summer only.

Is your mom a do it herselfer? I just received one of these from my son. My mom and I had a blast brewing our first bunch last week. Kombucha, the newest drink rage, and healthy too!

How about a Kombucha or wine making kit? Here is a link to my son's business; they make beautiful wooden DIY Brewing Kits, complete with everything they need to brew a batch of beer, wine, and now, Kombucha, a new drink sold at Healthy Stores. These kits can be used over and over, and you get to decide your flavors! I made an executive decision with myself: since I am the mom, I get to promote my son. He will need to support me in my old age.