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Mesh Travel Bags

All of our bags are very strong, and my most favorite for travel is our Bolongo Bay Bag. This was dreamed up at Bolongo Bay in St. Thomas, because I didn't have a "just right" bag I could shop travel with, shop with, and end up on the beach with. I was wanting a combo purse, beach bag, shopping bag, and secure bag. I thought about it, and when I came home, I drew it up. It is different than our other bags, no wrap pockets, but 8 layered pockets, and 2 zippers inside and 1 Top Zipper to seal everything in. I have used it for 2 years at the gym, and last year, my mom and I took the Bolongo Bay Bag on a cruise through the Panama Canal, and we were on and off the boat, always needing to show ID, or present tickets coming and going. Not to mention the airport, where I had to keep my mom's ticketry and passport along with mine, and you know how stressful that can be. The bag zipped closed for the carry on luggage bin, and when we started taking excursions off of the cruise, we had all our valuables zipped and safe, along with camera, bathing suits, snacks, water, and all that vacation stuff.  The bag is now back at the Y where I bring it daily for a swim-gym with a change of clothes, water and my shower bag. My Y card is attached to the hook inside, so I am never locked out. I strongly recommend this bag for travel, gym, shopping and cruise. 

If you are wanting a larger travel bag, for a family, I would recommend the zip top whale bag, which has 1 zip pocket inside, and the zip top. Do pay attention to how much you fill it. Some airlines have a 9" thickness limit, so you may have to squeeze if you overfill.