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Fathers Day Gifts


Whale - Dolphin - Shower Bags

Fathers are tough to buy for! I recommend a large Whale Bag for either the boat, beach, hobbies, vacation, car storage, yard work, coaching, or taking to a football game. Our most popular guy colors are Black, Blue, Green and Navy. If your father works out, you could give him a shower bag for the gym, and fill it with his favorites. You also could give him a dolphin bag for the gym, in black or blue or green and navy. 


How about a beer or wine making kit? Here is a link to my son's business; they make beautiful wooden DIY Brewing Kits, complete with everything they need to brew a batch of beer, and more after that. Here is a link to his best seller, the least expensive one of the bunch:  The Taster  This will get him started on creating his own beer.