College Dorm Shower Bags – Saltwater Canvas® LLC

College Dorm Shower Bags

Our Dorm Shower Bags come in 2 sizes:
Small - 9" high, 6.5" Diameter, 4 pockets, 8 colors. Our most popular size. Holds 5 bottles inside, with room in pockets for smaller things like comb, deodorant, toothbrush, razor.
Large - 10" high, 7.5" Diameter, 4 slightly larger pockets, black. Holds 6 bottles inside, with a little more room in outer pockets for smaller things like comb, deodorant, toothbrush, razor.
These bags are made to go right into the shower, get wet, and dry fast. Invented in 1998, they have been copied repeatedly, because they are indestructible. These are the originals and will last through college graduation or your money back! If you do buy a different shower bag online, make sure the straps are doubled, and go the length of the bag. Those shower things get heavy! Here is what one woman did, below. The shower bags embroider beautifully.

embroidered shower bags

Would you like to have a shower bag in your college colors? We are offering our custom bag page early, for your graduate or camper!