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Mesh Boat Bags

We have 4 new models of Whale bags® this month, made with a waterproof base to fend off water and sand in the canoe, motor boat, and on the beach. Great for storing dry clothes or towels. These bags now have  2  zip pockets. Prices have been reduced on current and on our new bags, so now is the time to stock up!
We also think the all Mesh Whale Bags® work well in aquatic settings - fishing, scuba diving, dirtier settings, for rough and tough use, since they rinse off and launder well at the end of a dirty day.
How about a matching shower bag? From my limited mariner experience, it was great to have the shower bag to use in the boat rest room and to use in the Marina showers. Sometimes we'd have 15 minutes to shower and freshen up.