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 Come stop by our Saltwater Canvas booth this July 4th Weekend
Little Drummer Boy Arts and Crafts Fair, Route 6A, Brewster, MA, Fri, Sat, Sun.
Just look for the windmill. Tons of custom beach and shower bags!

New Bags arriving July 21!
Red White & Blue Whales, Blue Whales, Red Whales, New Bolongo Bay Bags for Adventures, and Red Shower Bags for Dorm and Camp

Come visit our Irregulars Page for some great deals on great bags. 

The Whale Bag™

The Dolphin Bag

The Minnow Bag

The Shower Bag™

Black Whale Bag  Purple Dolphin Bag Green and Blue Minnow Bag Large Shower and Small Shower Bag
The Whale Bag™ for families.
9 pockets, zip pocket inside.
15" tall x 15" x 13" base
Holds 6 big towels. 9 colors!
The Dolphin Bag for 1 or 2.
7 pockets, zip pocket inside.
13" tall, 12.5" x 9" base
Holds 2 big towels. 7 colors!
The Minnow Bag for tots.
4 pockets, 2 zip pockets inside. Holds 1 towel.
9" tall, 7" x 12" base
4 very bright colors!
The Shower Bag™.
4 pockets, 1 inside.
Large: 10" tall x 7.5" D
Small: 9" tall x 6.25" D
9 colors! $19.97 and $16.97